KVN and VERA Array

Data Archive

The users who proposed the observations will have an exclusive access the data for 18 months after the correlation. After that period, all the observed data in the KaVA common-use observation will be released as archive data. Thereafter, archived data will be available to any user upon request. This policy is applied to each observation, even if the proposed observation is comprised of multi-epoch observations in this season.

Recovery Observation (open-use only)

If an open-use observation has more than one missing stations due to system trouble and/or very severe weather condition (e.g. strong wind by typhoon), PI can request recovery observation after checking the correlated data by the deadline of KaVA call for proposals within one year from the delivery of the correlated data. Pi must resubmit the proposal which must include the necessity of recovery observation. The KaVA combined TAC will consider the time allocation of the recovery observations for the next season.

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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )