KVN and VERA Array

Proposal Submission

As for the proposal submission, details and application forms of KaVA proposal can be found at the KaVA CfP web site:


Any questions on proposal submission should be sent to kavaprop@kasi.re.kr. We support astronomers in the preparation of proposals, scheduling, and data analysis. For that reason, proposers who are not familiar with KaVA are recommended to include at least one collaborator from VERA or KVN. If it is difficult to find collaborators from VERA or KVN, please consult us to find one. The contact address for the support is kavaprop@kasi.re.kr.

Proposals submitted for the 2016B CfP will be reviewed by the referees consisted of KVN and VERA referees already assigned to each array. KaVA makes technical review of all the proposals. The KVN Time Allocation Committee (TAC) and VERA Program Committee (PC) make rating of each KaVA proposal based on the referees, and the KaVA Combined TAC (CTAC) decide the allocation based on each rating result. The results of the review will be announced to PIs in late July.

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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )