KVN and VERA Array

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KaVA Observation Feedback

Exp_code Title PI Obs.Time Correlation Status
Correlated Distributed
k15jk01dKaVA_W75N_K-bandJeong-Sook Kim2015-06-03
k15yc01eThe most luminous QSO in the UniverseYuzhu Cui2015-06-03
k15mk02dM87 (C4-mode test) KaVA Q-band 2015Motoki Kino2015-05-172015-06-302015-06-30
k15mk02cM87 (C4-mode test) KaVA K-band 2015Motoki Kino2015-05-162015-06-292015-06-29
k15mk01eKaVA AGNWG Sgr A* Q-Band Monitoring (150515)Motoki Kino2015-05-152015-06-292015-06-29
k15jk01cKaVA_W75N_K-bandJeong-Sook Kim2015-05-04
k15mk02bM87 (C4-mode test) KaVA Q-band 2015Motoki Kino2015-05-04
k15mk02aM87 (C4-mode test) KaVA K-band 2015Motoki Kino2015-05-032014-06-02
k15mk01d KaVA AGNWG Sgr A* Q-Band Monitoring (150502)Motoki Kino2015-05-022015-05-222015-05-22
k15mk01cKaVA AGNWG Sgr A* Q-Band Monitoring (150403)Motoki Kino2015-04-032015-06-032015-06-03
k15yc01dThe most luminous QSO in the UniverseYuzhu Cui2015-04-032015-06-032015-06-03
k15jk01bKaVA_W75N_K-bandJeong-Sook Kim2015-04-022015-06-012015-06-01
k15yc01cThe most luminous QSO in the UniverseYuzhu Cui2015-04-022015-05-292015-05-29
k15st01d AGN Plasma PhysicsSascha Trippe2015-04-012015-05-282015-05-28
k15st01cAGN Plasma PhysicsSascha Trippe2015-03-312015-05-222015-05-22
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KaVA ( KVN and VERA Array )