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8th KaVA Joint Science WG meeting

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2015 Jan 14 (1st day)

09:00~09:05Jongsoo Kim(KASI)Welcome Remark
Status reportsChair: K. T. Kim
09:05~09:20Do-Young Byun(KASI)Operation report of KaVA
09:20~09:35Tomoaki Oyama(NAOJ)Report on the results of test broadband observations of VERA
09:35~09:50Osamu Kameya(NAOJ)Activity of the Mizusawa 10m radio telescope and pulsar observations using VERA
09:50~10:05Yoshiaki Hagiwara(NAOJ)Recent status of EAVN experiments
10:05~10:20Noriyuki Kawaguchi(SHAO)Controversial issues on the KaVA and EAVN sensitivity calibration
10:20~10:35Se-Jin Oh(KASI)Recent status of KJCC
10:50~11:15Coffee Break
AstrometryChair: S. H. Cho
11:15~11:30Nobuyuki Sakai(NAOJ)Activity and future of the galactic astrometry sub-WG
11:30~11:45Taehyun Jung(KASI)KaVA system for high precision astrometry : present evaluation and perspectives
11:45~12:00Taehyun Jung(KASI)Results of phase referencing observations with KVN and KaVA
AGBChair: H. Imai
13:40~13:55Yoshiharu Asaki(ISAS)KaVA observations for two red supergiants
13:55~14:10Youngjoo Yun(KASI)Simultaneous observations of the H2O and SiO masers around the late-type stars using KVN
14:10~14:25Yoon Kyung Choi(KASI)The calibrator search for evolved stars with the KVN
14:25~14:40Cheulhong Min(GUAS/NAOJ)A long-period observations of SiO masers toward a symbiotic star R Aquarii
14:40~14:55Se-Hyung Cho(KASI)Time monitoring observations toward evolved stars (TX Cam)
14:55~15:10Yuanwei Wu(NAOJ)AGB candidates from WISE and AKARI
15:25~15:50Coffee Break
SFR IChair: D. Y. Byun
15:50~16:05Tomoya Hirota(NAOJ)Status of SFRs sub-WG
16:05~16:20Mikyoung Kim(KASI)Methanol maser observations towards G10.32-0.26 with KaVA and KVN
16:20~16:35Naoko Matsumoto(NAOJ)Imaging test of 44 GHz methanol maser with KaVA
16:35~16:50Nagisa Shino(SOKEDAI/NAOJ)Methanol maser observation of massive star formation region IRAS 18089-1732 & IRAS 20198+3716
16:50~16:05Koichiro Sugiyama(Ibaraki Univ.)Wide-field imaging of the 44 GHz methanol masers with KVN
17:05~17:20Yong-Sun Park(SNU/KASI)KVN absorption line observation toward Galactic molecular clouds
17:20~17:35Jeong-sook Kim(NAOJ)Transition of Outflow Morphology in the Massive Star-forming Region W75N

2015 Jan 15 (2nd day)

SFR IIChair: T. Hirota
09:00~09:15Kazuyoshi Sunada(NAOJ)VERA Maser surveys
09:15~09:30Koichiro Sugiyama(Ibaraki Univ.)Methanol maser survey at 6.7 GHz with Hitachi 32-m toward BGPS dust core sources
09:30~09:45Chang-Hee Kim(SNU/KASI)A maser survey towards massive YSOs from RMS
10:00~10:15Coffee Break
AGN IChair: M. Kino
10:15~10:30Guang-Yao Zhao(KASI)KaVA Q-band observation of Sgr A*
10:30~10:45Atsushi Miyazaki(KASI)Intra-day variability of SgrA* by the KVN multi-frequencies observations
10:45~11:00Fumie Tazaki(NAOJ)Super-resolved image of M87 with Sparse Modeling
11:00~11:15Jiang Wu(SHAO)Position angle changes of the M81 jet in time and frequency
11:15~11:30Bong Won Sohn(KASI)KVN/KaVA AGN polarimetry
11:30~11:45Jae-Young Kim(SNU)A study on plasma-physical properties of jets in nearby AGN with KVN and KaVA
AGN IIChair: B. W. Sohn
13:30~13:45Kiyoaki Wajima(KASI)Multifrequency Phase-Referencing Observations of a Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Source PKS 2134+004
13:45~14:00Satoko Sawada-Satoh(NAOJ)HCN & HCO+ absorptions on NGC 1052
14:00~14:15Jeong Ae Lee(KASI/UST)KVN Calibrator Survey(KVNCS): 2.K -band Fringe Survey
14:35~15:00Coffee Break
Large ProposalsChair: M. Honma
15:00~15:25Hiroshi Imai(Kagoshima Univ.)KaVA ESTEMA
15:25~15:50Tomoya Hirota or Kee-Tae Kim (NAOJ/KASI)KaVA SFR large proposal
15:50~16:15Motoki Kino(KASI)AGN large project with KaVA

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