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Image Credit: An, Sohn, & Imai 2018, Nature Astronomy, 2, 118


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Session I: Projects in East Asia
02 Chinese VLBI Network (invited) Shen, Zhi-Qiang (SHAO)
04 Status of VERA Hirota, Tomoya (NAOJ)
05 The Progress of CVN Software Correlator Zhang, Juan (SHAO)

Session II: International Projects
07 What Can VLBI Do for Your Research? The EVN and JIVE (invited) Colomer, Francisco (JIVE)
08 The Long Baseline Array Phillips, Chris (CSIRO)
09 The Korean VLBI Network as a Pathfinder for the ngVLA Dodson, Richard (ICRAR/UWA)
10 Progress of the Thai National Radio Observatory Asanok, Kitiyanee (NARIT)

Session III: Evolved Stars
12 Status Reports on EAVN Evolved Stars Science Working Group and ESTEMA Imai, Hiroshi (Kagoshima Univ.)
14 Asymmetric Distribution of H2O and SiO Masers toward V627 Cas Yang, Haneul (SNU)

Session IV: Stars and Star-Forming Regions
18 Status of KaVA SFRs WG Hirota, Tomoya (NAOJ)
19 Disk+Outflow system in G25.82-0.17 Kim, Jungha (SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
20 KaVA Imaging Survey of 44.1 GHz CH3OH Masers in the Large Program of Star Formation Sugiyama, Koichiro (NAOJ)
23 Magnetar with EAVN Jiang, Wu (SHAO)

Session V: Sgr A* and KVN Key Science Program
27 An Interesting Story of Gamma-Ray Bright AGNs by the iMOGABA Lee, Sang-Sung (KASI)
28 PAGaN: The Nature of Blazar Radio Cores from KVN Polarimetry Trippe, Sascha (SNU)
29 Cosmological QUOKKA: Extending the KVN to Australia. Towards an Asia-Pacific VLBI Network? Hodgson, Jeffrey (KASI)

Session VI: Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter VLBI
30 The Event Horizon Telescope Bower, Geoffrey (ASIAA)
32 VLBI Development at the JCMT Friberg, Per (EAO/JCMT)
33 Millimetron Space Mission: Current Status and Future Prospects Rudnitskiy, Alexey (LPI)

Session VII: Present and Future of EAVN
36 Launch of the East Asian VLBI Network: Open-Use Program and Future Prospects (invited) Wajima, Kiyoaki (KASI)

Session VIII: Up-Close View of M87 and High-/Low-Luminosity AGNs
39 Current Status of EAVN-EHT Campaign 2017-2018 Hada, Kazuhiro (NAOJ)
40 EAVN Observations Near-in-Time with EHT for M87 in 2017 Cui, Yuzhu (NAOJ)
41 Theory Does Meet (or not?) VLBI Observations in M87 Nakamura, Masanori (ASIAA)
43 Core-Jet Blending Effects in Active Galactic Nuclei Under the Korean VLBI Network View Algaba, Juan Carlos (SNU)
44 mm/submm Flux Survey towards Nearby Low-Luminosity AGNs Lo, Wen-Ping (ASIAA)

Session IX: Radio Galaxies and EATING VLBI
46 An Observational Study of Cosmological Evolution of High-z AGN Jet Furuya, Yosuke (Yamaguchi Univ.)
47 Parsec-Scale Radio Properties of FR0 Radio Galaxies Cheng, Xiaopeng (SHAO)
48 A Study of Magnetic Field by Using Core Shift for Radio Galaxy 3C 111 Shiotani, Kosuke (Yamaguchi Univ.)
49 Probing the Faraday Screen in the Nuclear Region of 3C 84 Kam, Minchul (SNU)

Session X: Blazars
52 The Jet Kinematics of FSRQ 1928+738 Lee, Kunwoo (SNU)
54 Detection of a Moving Spine-Sheath Jet Structure after a VHE Gamma-Ray Flare in PKS 1510-089 in 2015 Park, Jongho (SNU)
55 Wiggly Jet Distribution and Jet Wobbling with Strong Variability in 3C 66A Kim, JeongUk (Yonsei Univ./KASI)

Session XI: Galactic Astrometry
58 Revisit LSI +61° 303 with VLBA Wu, Yuanwei (NTSC)

P1 Present Status of Ibaraki Station: Hitachi and Takahagi 32-m Antennas Yonekura, Yoshinori (Ibaraki Univ.)

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